Cheesesteak Walleye

by Triangle Exception

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The band's debut, it captures the music created during 3 weeks of the 2007 RPM Challenge. It what would become a hallmark of Triangle Exception, the genres explored include pop, smooth jazz, experimental rock, with some hits of influence from their favorite progressive rock bands like Yes, Rush, and Genesis.


released July 1, 2007

Doug Darrell: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Steve Wonchoba: Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass Guitar
Dave Bilsak: Guitar (track 7) and Bass Guitar (tracks 7 and 11)



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Track Name: Second Ecstasy
Track Name: Anna Gonna Miss Ya
Anna gonna miss ya
Slapped on all the magazines
Made my checkout kinda seem a little more fun

And I’m gonna miss ya
Red carpet train wrecks
Never could believe my specs I couldn’t look away

Anna gonna miss ya
Seein’ how fat ya got
Seein’ Trim Spa ya got ya 20 a day

Anna Gonna Miss Ya

Anna gonna miss ya
Trippin’ every word ya say
Hopped up on a drug a day and talkin’ real slow

And I’m gonna miss ya
Askin’ bout a cana bana
What ya do with a banana, I don’t wanna know

And I’m gonna miss that
J Howard Marshall guy
Never understood why he had so much dough
Anna Gonna Miss Ya
Anna gonna miss ya
White trash photographers
And no-teeth relatives they’re lappin’ every word

And I’m gonna miss the
E! True Hollywoods
Actin’ like ya never could be like ya preferred

Anna gonna miss ya Too soon to diss ya
Never did exist-a anyone like you
Anna Gonna Miss Ya
Track Name: Chance Meeting
For all I know
She might have been waiting all these years also
For a passing glance of recognition
And for all I know
Others might still be there
They might care

I’m so tired of this long estrangement
A chance meeting won’t occur
Until we arrange it
Track Name: Schizophrenic
What if a man has life defined to be
His everyday job, his wife, his family
What if the man hears voices in his head
Moments after can’t remember what they said

(Just woke up one morning without warning into mourning
Now there’s no ignoring anymore he starts imploring)

What if he runs away
What if his mind decides to take a different path far away
What if he runs away
What if he can’t find any reason left to stay

What if his life breaks down for all to see
What if his brain rejects the therapy
What if he sits and stares – a shell of what he used to be
What if he tries to die, his loved ones crying helplessly

What if he runs away …

In a blink of an eye we lose embrace
Witness a family’s fall from grace
Such an empty place

What if he runs away …

What if I run away
What if my mind decides to take a different path far away
What if I run away
What if I can’t find any reason left to stay
Track Name: A Minor Desperate Measure
Track Name: The Foreigner
As strong as a one man show you stare
Looking out to the air
Try as you will to catch any little flicker of light
Nothing’s there
And though you lay your claims as plain as day
They don’t pay much heed to the words that you say
You’re more than they ever hoped to be
What you think about is all that you see

You’re a lost man but you’ve found your way
You’re a lonely man but you’re on your way
You’re a tired man but you’ve found your way
You’re a blind man but you’re here to stay

Someday you’ll rise to the top of the world with your eyes
A vision they can’t comprehend
Simply another way to visualize
All they hide from the world in your mind
All they hide
Your reality is a fantasy
But it’s stronger than their reality

You’re a lost man …

You can see
Track Name: Conformity
She works on the factory line
But she jealously guards the dark truth
Hidden true identity
Assumed simple given name – Ruth

Who’s to say what I’ve become
When we’ll soon be divided when the slaughter’s begun
Who’s to think what to bother to do
What I anticipate to argue with you
Conformity you know it’s true

Fabricated death
Meth lab fire
Realized that she was hunted
By Bruce – assassin for hire

All I can do is just sit here and stare
At the colorful lights that shimmer in your hair
But I can’t understand what the fuss is about
If there’s something on your mind just say it out loud
Conformity is taking me out
Conformity is all I’m about
Conformity – and now I go out
Track Name: Neon, Marooned
Couldn’t keep his car on the road …

There on our snow covered bank
Getting no help from the fart pipe
Feigning his limpness with a prop cane
Not his first preference if the trooper came
Track Name: Failed Geyser
Track Name: Skippy O’Leary
Now sit back down and take a load off your feet
I’m gonna tell you about a man that we all ought to meet
Skippy O’Leary had a positive mind
And as a man for a laugh he was one of kind
He floundered about from spot to spot
He stuck his hands in his pockets, said “I haven’t a lot”

It took him some time to remain out of debt
Until his luck was improved by a man that he met
The man was in charge of a lottery
He gave Skippy a ticket – 423
He had no idea it would do him some good
But when his number was drawn then he knew that it would

With cash in his hands and good times on his mind
He traveled his town to see what he could find
But Skippy was never meant to swim in his wealth
And he was given a fine life of laughter and health
He sent out the money to a charity
And died a happy old man at 73
Track Name: The Revenge Of The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Suite
I. Stolen Flight

You hide away but I know how to find a way to show
You never really left this land so many years ago
Look to the bayou and through the woodland chase
To darkest Arkansas – she’s seen your feathery face
Heard your hammer, seen you soar
Gliding with delight
Ornithology meets high-tech
My cameras steal your flight
Robotic eyes and flashing frames
Wind and train at bay
The threat of radiation gonna scare the vandals away
You know I’m watching you
I’m ready to blow your ruse
But you drop in your decoys with a red-paint crest
We’re keeping you amused
You’re staring at me through a looking glass
About to watch you fly
Your giant ivory bill come to peck me
And kiss my proof goodbye
I’m left here with shards of shutters and shame – just shame
Got no way left to capture you in frame – in frame
And with your mercy stroke
There’s no way left to give portent
To the other privileged primates
Your ascendant intent

II. Massacre

Beak alabaster eyes of rage
Won’t give up seclusion for the gilded cage
If birding thrill seekers don’t turn back
Cold revenge taken – carnal counter attack

III. Epilogue: Aftermath

Scanning through the wasteland all the desolate remains
It’s clear that something happened here that might explain
The fear that penetrates each frightened soul – the few that survive
Meanwhile a lonely bird takes flight and soars on high