Echo Papa Zero One

by Triangle Exception

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Echo Papa Zero One is an EP released on the heels of their debut, "Cheesesteak Walleye," primarily to get two of the songs into the digital channel - "Live Aid '85" and Nu Metal parody "Fetid Felicity."


released October 1, 2007

Words and Music by Doug Darrell and Steve Wonchoba, except for Track 4, words and music by Doug Darrell and Joe Trainor.
All tracks performed by Doug Darrell and Steve Wonchoba.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Live Aid '85
The scent of hot concrete and chlorine
Freddy flickers in and out
Of a portable black and white TV
And it's hard to watch TV outside in July

Modern love, goo goo Ga Ga
"All we hear is" Mother Mary
Transits on a Concorde coming in the air tonight

Looking to another drummer -- he's so tired
They hope that he can play another drum chart
But this guy's been flying all day
From Wembley to Philadelphia JFK
A pop icon apologist,
I'm sitting with a Zeppelin fundamentalist
We're watching a denizen of Brand X and Genesis
Banging percussion over "Stairway"

Modern love ...
Track Name: The Way She Loves You
The last horizon lingers on
The drumming of your fingers on
The table sets the rhythm for your keen reflection
Trying hard not to forget
Another fading silhouette
Searching a photograph for any unseen connection

You know she loves you
You know she wants you to
You know she needs you to
Love her the way she loves you too

When she strolls into your view
Almost the woman you once knew
The years have blessed her face with grace and affection
You talk about your lives and then
Embrace and part ways once again
A slight tinge of regret in a wave of recollection

You know she loves you ...

You wonder who just might be thinking of you
From a long time ago
Curiousity peaks even though

You know she loves you ...
Track Name: Fetid Felicity
I try to find faults in myself but there are none
But up a sullen front but just for fun
Who knows if I'll ever get to annotate my tortured thoughts
Grandpa was a rich dude and he left me lots

Oh fetid felicity
What is wrong with me?
Nothing's wrong with me!
Oh what is going on?
Nothing's going wrong
And I'm all my Mom wanted me to be

It's such a drag how well I'm well understood
A dark brooding enigma would that I would
So many thoughts inside me that make total sense
Innocuous thoughts all around like "What rhymes with sense?"

Oh fetid felicity ...

All of the days that I've wasted
Taking the time to feel so complacent
Desperation so close I can taste it
I'm such a disgrace
Cuz I can't replace the happiness on my face
Turn it around - erase it

Oh fetid felicity ...
Track Name: Self Parody
Caricature on my wall
Standing there at the fair that's how they saw me
I didn't think it was me at all
But then my photos are far from reality
I came to this world on my own
Then without a mortgage I had a place to call home
But as I grew looking forward to wealth
Nobody said I'd have to live with myself

Now now I'm lapsing into self parody
Now now now I'm just a caricature of what I used to be

I'm lying on my back
Staring up I see the ground staring back
And it's hard to concentrate
When someone rakes their fingernails across my clean slate
The ball is in my court
And it's hard to put up with your sarcastic retort
But I'll see what the last laugh will be
I'll be redeemed unless the joke is on me

Now now I've lapsed into self parody ...

I'm backwards at best
I need a rest
A chance to be me
And as far as I can see I'm free

The cartoon has come down
I don't look at it much when I'm not around
Because I'm busy with what I've found
I huddle in the dark and try not to make a sound
I'm four lines away from done
I'd like to stick around but I'm not having much fun
And it's all the same to me
If we stay or if I go or if I leave instead of me

Now now I've lapsed into self parody ...
Track Name: Ball
Bouncing ball ...
In this bouncing ball world
Polynormal existences abound
Love in, love on, ball bounces on

Whatever bouncing ball knows he knows alone
Whatever bouncing ball loves he loves alone